Sickness Reviews and Absence Management

Short or long-term sickness absence can be stressful for both employer and employee as well as the colleagues who have to ‘fill-in’ while the employee is off.

In many instances the employees GP does not respond to requests for information from the employer and when they do, the information is often one-sided as their ‘duty of care’ is to their patient and not the employer. The advantage of H&G writing to their GP is that it’s doctor writing to doctor. This always proves more successful and enables medical information to be presented in a format that would often be meaningless and confusing to the layman.

In most cases effective focused solution management of theses cases can ensure that the individual is assessed and a programme initiated that monitors their progress with the aim of getting them back to work as quickly as possible.

H&G’s dedicated specialists are experienced at dealing with these cases and are able to produce effective assessments of an employee’s current health status and the prognosis for the future with recommendations on the best way forward to ensure a speedy return to work and to defuse any potential employment disputes.

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